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Behavior Modification uses positive or negative reinforcement or discipline strategies to help change behavior. There are 2types of behavior modification: Discipline and Reinforcement. Positive punishment and negative punishment are discipline techniques, whereas , positive reinforcement and negative reinforcement are reinforcers of behavior. Behavior modification tactic is to change the environment to give more incentive to change behavior.

Positive Discipline involves giving a consequence to deter bad behavior (adding a consequence) and Negative Discipline is taking something away due to bad behavior (removing a privilege).

Positive Reinforcement gives something to entice good behavior (adding a reward) and a Negative Reinforcement (taking something away) removes something unpleasant from the child to motivate the child from bad behavior.

Other Behavior Modification techniques include: reward charts, token economy, behavior contracts, and elimination.

Things to remember:

  • Adults need to be united (at home and school)
  • Negative consequences need consistency too
  • They need to be tailored to the child
  • Be clear of your expectations
  • Have a consistent routine to follow

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