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Dementia Care

Dementia Care for caregivers and families living with someone with Dementia. Training in how to care for loved ones and training staff caring for those with Dementia to decrease behaviors and increase participation in self care activities at home. Coming up with routines that work for you and your loved ones. Also, increasing safety in the home to decrease falls and further decline in function. Support group in-person or online to help connect you with others needing help and support.


ADHD teaching routines and habits to improve cognitive function and improvement in home and work environments. Learning how nutrition and exercise plays a role in mental function and decreasing symptoms of ADHD.


Handwriting: With the digital age has come a decrease in use of our hands. Less time on the playground and writing in class and more time looking and poking at a screen has decreased strength and coordination of our hands. Curriculum in schools has phased out handwriting and practice which leads developmentally poor handwriting. Our handwriting program works on strengthening the arm and hands and working on endurance to reduce fatigue.